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Senior Camp Leader

Senior leaders are each in charge of one age group at camp. They are responsible for overseeing the junior leaders in their group, as well as all of the kids. They keep the group on schedule and ensure everything goes as planned.

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Junior Camp Leader

Junior leaders are responsible for 4-8 kids. They create relationships and participate in every activity with the kids, keeping them engaged. They are directly supervised by their senior leader. They interact the most directly with the kids.

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Specialists are in charge of one specific area of camp. These include gym, arena, craft and field. They plan all of their activities and work with each age group throughout the day. They are responsible for all the equipment in their area, and for directing junior leaders at their station.

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Our recruitment team is in charge of setting up camp and recruiting kids from our partnered schools. They go to each school and give presentations to the students about camp. They get the kids registered and update our database.

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Youth ceo

Youth are given an opportunity to intern at a Business Council of Manitoba company for a week, learning valuable career skills. They also obtain various certifications and tour every company involved.

Youth achievement program

Youth are trained with many valuable job skills and obtain various certifications. They also participate in a variety of fun activities. This is where our future leaders start!