Here's just a small sampling of our programs.


Kids Camp

WASAC’s Summer Kids Camp provides positive programming for thousands of Aboriginal youth from over 80 schools in Winnipeg. During the week at camp, children get to learn about Aboriginal culture and participate in various sports, games and crafts.  The camp is completely free as WASAC provides transportation, nutrition and all equipment necessary for the children to participate. Our goal is to give kids their favourite week of the summer, and positive role models to look up to.



Youth ceo

The Youth CEO program is a once in a lifetime opportunity for participants, giving them an internship at one of the biggest companies in Manitoba. The program starts out by putting its participants through rigorous training earning them various certifications and teaching them various relevant skills for their internships and their future careers. The group then gets to tour every company involved, getting an unprecedented look into what they do. Finally the youth get hands on work experience at their company. After this experience, the youth give back to the community by working as WASAC Kids Camp leaders.


youth achievement program

WASAC’s main focus is on youth mentorship and our Youth Achievement Program is a prime example.  YAP gives its participants the opportunity to complete many workshops that earn them various certifications and teach them various relevant skills. They also participate in many fun activities to build teamwork and leadership skills. This program not only prepares the participants to be camp leaders in the future, but for any career goals they may have.