WASAC Kids Camp - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the camp located?

A: The camp is located at Old Exhibition Arena and Sargent Tommy Prince Place.

Q: What does my child need to bring?

A: Participants must bring a swimsuit, a towel and running shoes. Lunch and snacks are provided.

Q: How much does camp cost?

A: Camp is entirely free, with t-shirts, lunch, snacks, sunscreen and all activities provided.

Q: What if my child does not want to swim?

A: Nobody has to swim! They can join another group and do something else while their group swims.

Q: Is camp only for aboriginal children? 

A: No! All children are welcome!

Q: How does my child get to camp?

A: Each school has a designated bus pickup location that is specified in your pamphlet. It is usually your school, but occasionally it will be another school in your area. This information is also provided on the magnet we give each child when they get accepted to camp.

Q: Do the kids sleep at camp?

A: No, we are a day camp from approximately 10am-3pm, Monday to Friday. The kids are picked up by bus and dropped back off at their pickup location every day of camp. 

Q: Does my child need to bring a lunch?

A: No, lunch and snacks are provided free of any charge!

Q: What if I have to pick my child up early? 

A: Go into the office just inside the entrance of Old Exhibition Arena and tell the coordinators. They will call a leader to bring you your child.

Q: What if I have to drop my child off late at camp?

A: Bring them to the coordinators at the office. An assistant coordinator will bring them to their group while you sign them in.

Q: Can my child bring their own lunch? 

A: Yes, but there are no nuts or shellfish allowed because of allergies.

Q: Can my child attend camp for more than one week?

A: Unfortunately, we are no longer allowing children to attend multiple weeks.